The after sales service integrates, in a single structure, all the activities related to technical services and supply of spare parts.
A team of experts attends, full time, all the necessary activities to arrange technical services, to ship spare parts and to solve any problem. Skilled staff and engineers are selected for their expertise and ability in creating and keeping long lasting relationships with Customers all over the world. An on-line service (available for Customers having machines equipped with an integrated modem) allows remote diagnosis of problems in electronic equipments.
A call-desk gives prompt online assistance for small or big problems supplying suggestions for their solution.
A deep knowledge of finishing and printing technologies and processes allows the Customers to achieve the best possible performances from existing and new machines.
A widespread network consisting of local facilities dedicated to after sales service and sales of spare parts complete our after sales service structure working in conformity with ISO 9001 standards.

Contact numbers Area Contact
++39 035 384 4583 Info Mrs Gozzi
++39 035 384 4558 Info Mrs Bosis
++39 035 384 4537 Digital manager Mr. Nozza
++39 035 384 4542 Automation Manager Mr. Rota
++39 035 384 4546 Mechanical Manager Mr. Foresti
++39 035 384 4576 Technological Center Mr. Crippa
++39 035 384 4538 Service Manager Mr. Berta

TEL: +39 035 3844511    FAX: +39 035 526952