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High performance or low operating costs?
Printing speed or quality?
Low ink consumption or low cost?
Why compromise when you can have it all in a single solution?
Reggiani provides the answer.
Renoir for Paper has been designed to revolutionize sportswear, furnishings, graphics and fashion markets with its incredible combination of cost, speed and quality.
Besides guaranteeing a printing speed of more than 600 square meters per hour, today Renoir for Paper works with the lowest amount of ink in the market with an average consumption of less than 5 grams per square meter.
Quality wise this machine allows photo printing with over than 2000DPI resolution. Moreover, thanks to the integrated ink recovery system, Renoir for Paper reuses the color normally loss during the cleaning procedure, saving up to 90%. Through the innovation Reggiani reaches the expertise in digital printing, now on paper too.